one more journey to the south


good evening babes.

last night my hardworking mood increased tremendously and i transfer lot of pictures from my hp to lappy.

this pictures taken last year. hu hu. last dec la. when i said last year like long times ago right. hu hu hu.

i used to travel down south once a month and enjoy every single journey that i have. there's nothing to do when i am traveling alone except taking pictures and face booking via hp.

yes. dont try this k! i update my facebook while driving -___-"

from sunny to rainy and sunny again. finally i arrived home safely. and surprised! i found something new at my home.

he's officially new member in my family.. stay tune in the next entry ^___^

p/s: dear kak ayu, i will share about my cambodia trip later k. sorry sis for late update!



*ayu the sun* said...

no prob babe.. bebila pun boleh..janji ade update, ok?

ATS SHOPPE - Macam-macam ada!!!