because of melman, the giraffe


good evening babes.

last weekend i went to zoo negara. this is what i really wanted to visit on year 2010 with my sweetheart.

he asked me, where i want to go and i replied " ZOO NEGARA, please " *rolling eyes.

might be some said why dating at zoo negara?? because ..

(1) i saw the entrance of zoo negara each time i went to my sweetheart's house. actually it only takes me 15 minutes to go there ^____^

(2) i am looking for a place that is not a shopping complex but still interesting to visit.

(3) i want to have a walk with him and enjoy every single moments together. in fact, gain knowledge and experiences too.. including back pain and foot blister T_T"

(4) i love natures, landscapes, animals and my sweetheart. ha ha ha!

(5) i miss to hold snakes and cam whoring with them -____-" sounds weird!

(6) last but not least because of melman the giraffe. he influenced me to watch them real in zoo.. hu hu hu.

i feels like want to ride them! there's so cute and cute and cute.. omg, i love melman..

p/s: suddenly i am craving for baskin robbins. huhu.



Anonymous said...

Nice post & nice blog. I love both.