pink drinks.


pink drinks or pink drink??

my favvy pink flavor drink always bandung cincau .. but, this must served from laksa shake! wink..wink.

last weekend i met sweetheart and he bought me sirap bandung which the taste is 99.9% like laksa shake.. ooOOOoo.. i love it!

i am not into sweet drinks and kind of choosy most of the time.. usually, i do prefer plain water which good for health. if i am craving for sweet drinks i will definitely ask for fruit juices..

p/s: i have to drink more plain water because ulcer was there!



*ayu the sun* said...

i love the one from laksa shack too!

ciare (^_^)v said...

ini pinky sejati namanye ;)

adenium said...

wahhhh... drinks pun suka yang pink kareee...hahahah...

cik syahira said...

hik hik.
let's go for pink!