my girlfriends always sporting ..


hello babes.

last saturday i really have fun window shopping and dating with my girlfriends. we (terompahsurau and i) went to fossil, coach, levi's, etc etc for surveying, cuci-cuci mata and cam whoring at the gardens^__^"

then we're crossing to mid valley because i invited my blogger buddies for a tea break at i dont know what is the name of the restaurant but it located inside jj which the assam laksa was superb! *rolling eyes.

this is my 2nd time meeting kak sid (my blogger buddy), the tokey of spicy cornflakes and handbag hanger. yes, i meeting her for 2 containers of spicy cornflakes and a pink handbag hanger. * not so spicy. thumbs up!

after having my late lunch, chit chatting and gossiping sharing info, around 7pm kak ayu and kak daela come and join us. well, this is my 1st time meeting two famous blogger. wink..wink. kind of speechless at the 1st time but then it turn awesome!

later, we move to baskin robbins and cam whoring. being a blogger, camera was very important gadget. snap pictures is a must! hehe.. so do i o___O and around 8pm ++ we end up our meeting.

just a short meeting but personally i am really happy meeting my buddies..

here are some random pictures during the meeting session:

the author, terompahsurau and kak ayu the sun

kak sid, kak daela and us

the housemates ^___^

hik hik.. that's all ^__^

p/s: dear terompahsurau, thanks for accompanying me.
dear kak sid, will order from you again. i am your happy customer.
dear kak ayu, get well soon.
dear kak daela, yes i am syahira fauzan.. wink..wink.



*ayu the sun* said...

famous blogger?? where ggggootttttttttttttttt....

thanks for the lovely souvenir dear...

hope to meet u again, insyaAllah..

p/s: kaki dah baik.. syukur..

liyana said...

aku mmg GF ko yg terbaek!! ehehe

adenium said...

nice meeting uto sis... jumpa lagik erk..
order..jgn tak order..hehehe