he's gone forever (2)


welcome to my simple pink blog!

let me revealed what exactly happen to me pass few days. before you babes making wrong assumptions better i share the real story k.

i've mention before, i received one news. but i didnt tell you either it is good or bad. things may be good when you look at the good way and turn to bad if you look for other ways. bla..bla..

at 1st when my dad told us he want to sell his car, i quite surprised and shocked with his decisions! that's why i am speechless T.T"

he never hide anything with us. why so sudden he make this decision? i guess he has think over it and know the best for us.

based from my previous entry, i've sharing about "he's gone forever". he is refer to our honda civic car. my dad's car. there's lots of memories together. that's why i am very sad when knowing he will be sold. oh.. it sold ord, yesterday!

yesterday, when i met him (my dad's car) for the last time i feel very very sad. look at him left us T.T" i pray hard for him. i hope his new owner can taking care him very well like my dad..

last night when i look at the empty porch, makes me really miss him so much.. therefore, i agree that things come and go. will never stay with us forever. but memories will remain till the end.


p/s: this story is about my dad's car..



syazana said...

Ayah kau nk beli keta br tu beb...
hehehe...br je jumpa honda tu raya hr tu....

lily lotus said...

will be fill with a new one :D

Lyn Yusoff said...

sure ganti yg lebih bagus kan..