gema zafana, istana budaya ..


good morning babes.

fine.. i take couple of days to update this entry -___-" sorry! huhu.

i am johorean and very proud with this ^___^

back to 2004 i am one of audience who proudly watched gema zafana when it was their 1st time launched in istana budaya.

now on 2009, again i step in to istana budaya to watch gema zafana !! alhamdulillah.

my best buddy sabil and i went on 27 dec 2009. we really have fun and enjoy every single moments watching gema zafana.

since this is my 2nd time, personally i love both performances and each time i saw them happily dancing on stages boosted my adrenaline on dancing too.

dancing is my passion like painting ^___^

p/s: i am one of school and university dancers.. omg, i miss to perform on stages! o__O



Lyn Yusoff said...

hi syahira,

sounds great!!
tapi kak lyn tak sempat nak pgi..