escape to mystery island (5)


hello babes!

tension? hot tempered? sad or mad? let's go for vacation/ escapism from a daily hectic life..cea~ hik..hik.

^__^ enough on shopping and marathon inside the mall, 2nd day we're going to island tour.. seriously such relaxing my mind, breath a fresh air and i love the scenery..

back to the nature.. i've learn so many things and kind a give me self appreciation about life -__-" what i've talking about??! sigh.

never mind. i love everything. in land. on water. in fact, on air.. it's beautiful!

i enjoy my 2nd day very very much. worth it when have to spend about rm 25 (if i am not mistaken) for this tour. in fact, i didnt feel anything when suddenly my motorboat got problems when we're boating at the center of the bay.. i didnt afraid neither nervous at all.

i still can wait patiently for a rescue and shoot as many pictures as i love. unfortunately, forgot to shoot pictures during the transferring passengers from one boat to another at the center of the bay..

when i think again, it's actually dangerous ok! if anything happen we probably sink there T.T" huhu.

p/s: i will coming again and bring sweetheart here.