escape to mystery island (2)


couple of days ago, i've wrote that all about my escapism/ vacation/ trip to mystery island will update via celcom sms.. this is because i didnt bring my lappy. in fact, this will be my guideline in order to share stories with my blogger babes.

my trip to *mystery island <- still not telling you yet -__-" was fully sponsored by my mom which i replaced my lil sister's place due to uncertainty reasons.

sigh. dont know how to start because i still didnt get enough sleep.. still tired what a nonsense reasons??! -__-" huhu.

fine. generally this is a very super low budget trip! which is like a destinasi budget hosted by qi the blogger boy actor's series at 8tv..

the transportation is 1st class at 1st. feels like you're flying by malaysia airlines until when you reached one destination you have to wait for hours hours and hours because of delay like air asia. (i've experience it!) - due to weather. fine.

then, personally for me the motel's accommodation are so so T.T" but it's ok. alhamdulillah, everything was doing fine.. still can sleep in safety condition. the food beside the motel is not so bad even their services are much much much more poor p...p..poor. stand still now, i love their bergedil. huhu..

i said poor about few times because the delay! i am sick because of delay T.T", the view of my room itself in mystery island, the air-cond but luckily still got fan, the number of towels provided is not enough, the restaurant services was very very very slow until lot of costumers easily got tempered -__-" as for me, i just waiting almost an hour to get my plain rice and drinks T.T" how come? poor me.

p/s: what ever it is, i adapted with that kind of conditions even i T.T" -__-" o__O"