take it easy babes!!


pictures taken from office's computer. luckily some of pictures i upload them here.. at least, i still have several of my old pictures..

i thought that was some time i didnt shopping crazily like there's no tomorrow for me.. ahhahaha.. lately i wish to buy this and that but unfortunately i cant to do so -__-" due to.. due to.. to save money! hurm..


it's better save than never.. maybe now was the best time to do so before it's too late.. ups.. doesnt mean i dont spend anything when my shopping hormones raised up.. huhu.. still, i spend few things quietly and with manner T.T"

take it easy.. take it easy.. i sure when the perfect time come and there's need me to spend like hell, i'll share with my lovey dovey babes..

wait and see..

Best regards,


lily lotus said...

insyaAllah ada rezeki nanti..take care ;)

jujahxo. said...

dOlu i bOrOs sangat! skang bl da jd wify ni rasa sangat sangat berJIMAT. sbb siankn huby. Ohhh