subway, i am in love


hello babes.

how do you do?

i guess most of you are busy now. some taking on leave, some still in office, some shopping for tomorrow's..

as for me, while blogging i busy melipat all clothes alone! sigh..

omg.. need to assist my grandma to toilet 1st. will be back..


let straight to the point.. this entry i love to share about my new favvy sandwiches, subway..

omg.. seriously i love it so much.. from my opinions, the taste is delicious! esp chicken teriyaki. sweetheart love it too! the prize also not so expensive.. not bad lah.. you should try this.

seriously, when i am going back to johore definitely i will miss subway sandwiches so much. much.. muchhhh... -_-"

p/s: i hate you ants. there're eat my kek batik!!