live update


hello babes.

1stly, i would love to wish salam aidiladha to my muslim babes and happy public holiday to malaysian .. purposely for tomorrow lah..


this entry doesnt have specific objectives. i simply write what ever come across to my mind..


today i feed my grandma chicken sausages, nuggets, chicken soup and carrots. she such love sausages very much. wink..wink.

usually she likes complaining that she doesnt like chicken soup.. it's not tasty etc etc -_-" this comes when she's moody. the rest, she's ok.. besides, chicken soup is good for her, less cholesterol ^_^

today, she skip using adult diaper and every 1 and half hours every one should assist her to toilet. just like this morning, while i am doing house cleaning my lil sister forgot to bring her to toilet. end up she's accidentally wee wee on the floor!

ouh.. talking about my lil sister since she just come back from uitm, i thought almost 24 hours she spend on lappy. face booking, myspace, yahoo messenger etc etc. therefore, i dont have much time to blog.

hurm.. supposed this evening i take her for window shopping however my mom take half day today so after lunch they are going to carrefour shopping for groceries. and square one mall for warehouse sales!

p/s: i've heard square one mall batu pahat held warehouse sales from 26 nov - 6 dec.



syazana said...

ok..aku x sbr nak balik..hehehe