new routines


hello babes.

how's your life? some are working, some are in semester break and some are sitting for spm..

currently, i am helping my grandma. she's 85++ years old. i am glad that still have grandma and can assist her doing things such eat, drink, walk. not much that can she do..

taking care of grandma was not such as easy as taking care adult. sometimes, she reacted as a kid, moody without reasons, hot-tempered and very sensitive.

at 1st when i arrived home last monday, my grandma was moody. she refused to eat! huhu..

2nd day, i taking care of her and alhamdulillah she looks happy.. which she's in a good mood. i served her lunch and dinner.. luckily she wear adult pampers so i didnt get panicked if she wee wee everywhere -_-"

3rd day, alhamdulillah. everything goes well.. usually after bath and breakfast which my mom and dad assist her, she napped until noon and i feed her for lunch.

but, yesterday she wake up early about 11am. omg.. i am not ready her lunch yet so i feed her bananas. wink..wink.

she enjoys every bites of bananas. my dad bought a lot of bananas for her.. in fact, bananas are good for instant energy and health.

p/s: i love you grandma.