monday morning


good morning babes.

start your engine.. i guess every one would love to share about aidil adha celebrations. so.. before i further more, let me feed you with a light entry for opening monday blues ..

currently i am selecting which baju kurung is the best for attending for one grand ceremony. i should say no far any baju kebaya due sweetheart doesnt like me in baju kebaya..

even, i also say no for any new one. so simply re-use any one lah from my own collections!

talking about re-use, a night before aidil adha i am cam whoring my mom's 90's baju kurung. seriously i am falling in love with her pink-silver one. it's perfectly suites with my body.. wink..wink.

but my mom suggested me to wear her purple-red one. she told me this one looks much more exclusive and expensive. actually it is but i feels like it's not really good in camera.

that's why i do prefer pink-silver because it look simple and much attractive in camera. -_-" in fact, sweetheart's uniform is white. so we will look gorgeous awesome together. hehe.. ok i agree because it's pink in color. huhu..

sigh. till now i still not so sure which one is the best. still, i do prefer pink-silver. so, what does survey says about me?

p/s: get ready for random facts on aidil adha celebrations 2009 ^__^