journey to down south


hi babes..

so, here i reported on my previous journey went to home sweet home, johore:

i started my day yesterday after got a phone call from my dad. huhu.. but i guess i continued my sleep until i got another sms from my mom. omg!!

wake up a bit late because of rainy T.T" just a reason! packed everything and carried them downstairs, twice..

started engine and went to petronas and kfc..

after everything settled (withdraw, fill fuel, top up smart tag, take away kfc) i drove to batu tiga, used elite highway to north-south highway. so far the traffic still ok but a bit slow..

alhamdulillah i didnt found any accidents along my journey..

almost reached johore if i am not mistaken, the weather is better.. i got a phone call from my dad told me to drive carefully because at my house there started cloudy badly..

omg, dad! i just reached bad weather along my way.. huhu.

finally, after hours to go i reached my home sweet home safely.. damn, so boring when i drove alone -_-" !!

p/s: i listen to



lily lotus said...

alhamdulillah...selamat sampai ;)