featured with stars


hello babes.. what's up all!!

let me present you some photos of stars on blogging world who sales you brand new good handmade and art items..

with a great lady, jun from beanipet

* i participated with her countdown 1 year old blog. i adore with her pillows. check her blog ya.. fyi, i got beanipet's voucher.. i heart you, beanipet!

with a nice tokey from lazybonehandmade

* seriously her items catches my eyes 1st during pipit 3rd anniversary - wonderful market. in fact she also sold key wrap. it's a must to have one!

with an inspired sister, kak ben from owlandmagicaltreehouse

* last but not least, kak ben one of malay best seller. i lover her owl, it's unique! definitely, i will frame her art and put it at my bedroom soon when i move to johor..

such an honored when blogger stars great you and alhamdulillah i'll meeting lots of new blogger babes.. do keep in touch.

Best regards,