what should he do?


hi babes.

i thought quite sometimes i didnt share some story for you. let's have one for today..

since it's a private and confidential issue please do not take it out side..


there is some one who keep his past history with some of his good friends. things done probably makes people who closed to him disappointed.. he kept the secret and never told anybody in fact his lover also didnt know the truth.

even one day might be things done will reveal but he seems not to talk about it again because pass is pass.. he turn to forget everything. yes.. every single thing.


what if his lover know the truth?? he understand the ugly truth.. things done might hurt his lover's feelings.. currently he's in dilemma. poor guy..


my point of view: pass is pass. that's it. full stop. how about you, babes?

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

yeah past is past. tamOla pikir pikir lg. wat semak kapla!