sarawakian ( -_-")


hello babes. happy monday. how do you do? i am doing fine. but a bit of sad. my sweetheart was going for a week training which neither hp nor internet connections. will missing him so much. thanks for my buddies who are always supporting me..
you know who you are right?

well, on last public holidays during syawal celebration few of my buddies asked me:

babe, are your sweetheart is sarawakian?
he's sepet-sepet is look alike sarawakian lah..

???? erk??! really?? i never realized about it before until she asked me -_-"

babes, he is not lah! he is pure peninsular product. ehhehehe..

finally, i am in a relationship with orang jawa which my mom's wishes come true.. i never claimed as jawa is part of me because my dad is banjar! since i was born i used to comfy living with banjarian except my mom is pure jawa.

i learn banjar easily and love banjar so much. lastly, i found my jawa soul mate who influenced me a lot being as a jawa. still, deep inside i will teach my future generations with all banjar terms.

ngeh.. from sarawakian entry turn to banjar??! ... is trying to make myself happy when he's far faaarrrr awayyyyyyy..

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

yeslah.. muka ur pojan mmg sarawakian. tp okela, macam chinese sket kan kan??

*ayu* said...

aaaaa.. doa ibu tu.. :)

syazana said...

Pn.Mas nk menantu jawa...
aku doakan yg terbaik untuk kau ye kawan...
cepat2 ler kahwin..pastu aku plak huhuhuhu...

naematul.ismail said...

isk...sgt sweet
cepat syira.. mau makan nasi minyak
bley wat reunion at that time.. hee