i owe RM 12,024.88 *sigh


surprised is it! how much i owe to ptptn. i need more $$$ to pay here and there.. but i simply spend my $$$ to this and that..

* sigh.

dear year 2010,
i pray hard to have a good job because i need to spend for :
- ptptn.
- my engagement.
- my trip to bandung.
- my wedding.
- new honda city.
- honeymoon.
- stand by mental and physical for future life.
- signing up for phd. amin..

Best regards,


syazana said...

yeah me too..
i need more money..
for my new Honda Accord @ CRV
ptptn of course..
sign up for Phd..huhuhu 2011 lah ye

*ayu* said...

sabar sabar... :)

jujahxo. said...

u nak pegi bandung lagi ??

cik syahira said...

dear syazana,
all the best babe! stay focus..

dear kak ayu,
thank you sis..

dear oja,
ehhehe.. insya Allah dear. bandung again.