i love my dress


hello babes.

congratulations to xiaxue for winning 3 categories on Nuffnang Asia pacific Blog Awards. i adore her pink layout so much. wink..wink.

check this out at her blog.

to my lovely red mummy it's ok, it's alright, you're always winner to us!! i read redmummy.com, i support redmummy.com and i love red mummy.com yehhhh!!

back to the story, i love to share my new favvy flower dress ever. i've been watching this last time with my sweetheart at time square but then didnt buy it. then last friday i went again to time square with his younger sister and bought it w/out any arguments! ehehehh..

dear ana, thanks dear for accompanied me and i am really having fun with you. hehe..

so babes, without further due let's take a look at my super action eh.. eh.. my super cute favvy flower dress :

see.. the nice laces at the top.. i adore roses too..

from the side.. at 1st i preferred red roses but then leaves was yellow, changed my mind to pink roses but leaves was urm.. green! ouh.. look so dull. sigh..

finally.. i got this dress. i love it. yehhhh..

yeh..yeh.. yehhhh.. yehhhh.. yehhhh..

Best regards,