public holiday


*clap-clap.. it's a public holiday. currently i spend my time with my family. again, went home in jhr =)

this pictures taken couple of weeks ago.. dont know what captions should i put but i would like to ask you what are those pictures all about? sometimes people said, pictures will telling you everything.. then, anybody interested to comments or translate what's all about? which from your point of view, what can you describe about pictures below.. ehhhe.. simply like that lah.

let me give you an examples:

i was looking for my future..cewahh.. then i bought kfc. ouh suddenly i am a social smoker @.@"


i was craving for something.. then bought kfc finally found cigarettes as free gifts T.T"

ehhheeehe.. what's yours?

Best regards,


Misbehave said...

wahhh balik raya terus ke balik kejap je?

x sabarnye nak balik rayaaaa..nak makan lodehhhhhh.heeehe..

lily lotus said...

ya Allah sabau jerlah tgh lemau2 fikiran puasa ni nk kena fikir :P...

daela said...

wahh...makan KFC...sodapnya..

cik syahira said...

dear misbehave,
just arrived from jhr.
currently in shah alam.

dear kak lily,
just kidding lah sis ;)

dear kak dila,
T.T' it's not for me..