hello babes !


hello babes.. how do you do? omg, it's wednesday..

end of ramadhan month is around the corner.. people are busy on doing preparation for celebrating syawal.. please, do not forget to pray hard for last 10 nights of ramadhan. well, i remind for myself too.


yesterday i arrived from my home sweet home again in jhr. yes, there's two weekends i spend my time with my family. but this time, my sister cant join us. she's in uitm due to test this weekend. ok, fine..

i went to jhr last saturday and stand by a few entries in auto publish mode.. well, as usual if i am going out, i'll try my best to at least left any two or three entries for my blogger babes. thank you very much for visiting my blog, dear =) ehheheh.

even we're not one happy family <- any body remember this card game when your young ages? need to said one happy family at home when each four cards in one happy family has combined! ehhehe.. let's continue even though my sister was not at home, still before buka puasa i call her via phone and chit chat while counting for buka puasa.

by next week i'll spend my time with my housemates and unfortunately my sister cant going home because she has booking for train ticket by following wednesday. ehhehe.. she'll come home 1st and following by me on saturday!

yeahh.. surprised, insya Allah on saturday which a day before hari raya.. my sweetheart invited me to have our 1st buka puasa together and stay a night with his happy family. hurm.. there's been two years i celebrated pre-raya at his house ;)


Best regards,