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happy wednesday babes..

1st i am sorry because of late update for this yummy delicious entry uhhhhuhuu.. another sorry to all my blogger babes are this yummy delicious entry updated upon day time! *runnnnn.. save for my life!! =P

it's a promise, a very short entry for this yummy delicious one. ok, here you are my 2nd order of djl-rosemary chicken grilled. thank you very much to kak didi and abg jaz for the best services as usual.. *two thumbs up! ^.^

well, pictures above proven that this is a yummy delicious chicken ever.. you'll definitely can feel the juicy, the soft textures and the lemon's aroma which..which.. i recommended you to try this with a very good price. it's only RM18. yes, dear.. RM18 only.. *really berbaloi-baloi i told you ehhehe


* go sms/ call this number : 016-2256 597 (abg jaz) and 016-2336 597 (kak didi)

Tarikh: 5/9/2009
Collection Point : Tol Bangi via KFC Tmn Equine
Waktu :4-5 ptg

Tarikh : 6/9/2009
Collection Point : Petronas Tmn Melati
Waktu : 5 ptg

Tarikh : 12/9/2009
Collection Point : PKNS Shah Alam
Waktu : 4-5 ptg

Tarikh :13/9/2009
Collection Point : Putrajaya
Waktu : 5 ptg

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DJ-LRC said...

salam syahira...

tq ekk buat post utk LRC....
nak ode calling tau...

take care...