an amateur reported


hello babes. how do you do? here you are an amateur reporter reported to you about this super tragic bad traffic in plus highway this afternoon =(

this morning was raining heavily when i reached uitm segamat. i send my lil sister and then straight away drove to shah alam. well, so far the journey was smooth until i reached ...

i dont have any idea where am i and why there's bad traffic on highway. i guess might be some where got an accidents otherwise it wont be like this. hurm.. being malaysian, people are concern about this and slightly always slow down their vehicles to see what goes around resulted bad traffic jammed *sigh.

i sms ed my sweetheart to inform him about it and he worried of me because love to sms him while driving -.-" sorry! <-dont follow me..

then i saw tow truck and yeahh.. it's an accident! omg.. i hope everything will be fine.. besides there's also ambulance and police which i refused to snap their pictures. hhuhuhu.. surprised, i found a bus which cross my lane to kl and another 4wd vehicle if i am not mistaken at my left hand side stranded.

hurm.. i dont have any ideas what exactly happen but then at the other way from kl-jb another vehicles hit an accidents in front of the bus which cross our lane. it's complicated to explain! here are the best shoot which i can do.. hhuhuhu..

dear all blogger babes, do drive carefully and ensure your vehicles always in good condition as well as you =)

Best regards,


*ayu* said...

u too k syahira?
drive carefully... take care always..

lily lotus said...

tu lah musim2 hujan gini kan..the road slippery gitu..u too drive carefully yer