8 days over


hello babes. how do you do? recently i used to online from my bedroom, to be specific laid on my bed -.-" well, after resign i feels like no productivity developed and always wake up after 10 T.T"

then, i realized that's enough for me to have a very good time overslept! my mom love to call me 'gemuk' 'gemuk' and 'gemuk' if she saw me laid on bed uhhuhu.. at least she motivated me on wake up early rather than continue my sleep until 10..


i guess all this happen because <- cehh, suddenly giving a reason of being like that! because of hormones.. again hormones! ehhehe..it's a laziness hormones appeared when i am in red flag mood..

alhamdulillah, 8 days over and i hope there's no more overslept until 10 am and keep on motivated myself to complete my master's dissertation/ thesis by next months =)


ehhehe.. happy, i am fasting today ^o.o^ .. tonight i have a class in uitm and all of us have to buka puasa in class together.. it's a precious time ever with my classmates due to this is our last time together.. i hope all of us pass this course with flying colors. amin..

* psstt.. dont forget to pray hard for our redmummy and family, ok

Best regards,


masviona said...

bila dah penyakit M dtg mmg susah ler...hiksss

cik syahira said...

dear kak masviona,

blushed! yup, definitely because of M virus hhuhu..