when i'm stressed out


babe, what are you doing when you stressed out? asked my buddy.MyEm0.Com

well.. i guess i rarely stressed out. but let me share you something and i love to welcome your response to share with me too:


first - when i am moody i'll sit silently. i'll rather choose to shut up my mouth than speak loudly. it's because when i mad i might not behave myself and probably talk nonsense.. hhuhuh. damn, it will hurt others feeling! so to be safe, just stay silence.

some how i accidentally speak up my mind and immediately stop the conversation. before it's too late, i'll run to my room to calm down <- this is only when i have a conflict with my family T.T" sometimes we have different opinions is it?? but after that it will be fine. phew..

second - if i am stress, i'll walking alone and going for window shopping. it's just like a therapy. ahhahaha. well, i guess it works, ok.. why dont you try it? it's because when you go for window shopping, you'll found many interesting things until you forget about your probs and surprised that it released your tension.

but the level of tension will increase if you spend a lot and your partner keep on pressure of you! yes, sweetheart. it's true ok. *he never understand why women love shopping.. hurm.

third - try to solve it! what ever happen it must be a reason. so to avoid the stress you must find out why it happen and how to solve them.. hhuhuhu. sometimes when i thought about it, it will depressed myself and finally i will choose the step number four first before i solve everything.

four - calm down and go to sleep. as for me, everything will ok after i take a nap. ^o.O^ happy..

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

emm kalO i,, i suka beli chOcOlate & ice cream banyak banyak. then makan sampai kenyang!

tak pOn,, pergi main netbOl ngan kawan kawan. tp tu dOlu. skang dah tak bleh lg. euuwww! ;p

*ayu* said...

so far.. ni lah solution akak yang paling baik.. terus cool down..

hantumakan said...

hi.. and salam.. just wanna check another banjar blog.. salam from the ada banjar, heheh ^__^

Ita Shadila said...

kiut gila ur blog!!!! every entry sebelah tuh ada katun :)~

cik syahira said...

kak ayu,
thanks sis..
i agree =D

hi kulaan. wink..wink.