welcome to new housemate



hello babes, how's you doing? this entry i dedicated special to my new housemate, terompahsurau . babe, welcome to our sweet and lovely house.. and thank you very much for being part of us.

talking about terompahsurau <- babe, suddenly i am promoting you. wink..wink. she is one of my ex classmates in kolej mara kulim kedah with my sweetheart.. meaning that 3 of us were in the same class before. ouh it's almost last 5~6 years ago ^o.O^

since terompahsurau was doing her full time business online, i love to encourage you babes to fill free to visit and support her awesome blog which she sold many wonderful stuffs..


* so let's check this out.

Best regards,


liyana said...

ahahaha..br bace entry kamu ini..chumel. thanks a lot babe..hugs