what u give, you get back


congratulation to my blogger babe, oja for being my lucky number 555. as i promised, some token will be send to her house. she email me this regarding for this entry.

*big applause to her.

dear oja,
first i love to call you this name since this is your nickname when i first saw you <- so dramatic ouh my intro! ahhaha.. then thank you very much babe for supporting my blog where ever you are. wink..wink. wish this friendship last forever and take care of you and your junior ok. MMuahhhksss..

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

wOOOhOOO..!! menareknya kata kata u itu wahai cik sheera! heee.

emm i pOn sama. hOpe frenship kte akan kekal smpai bila bila Oke.

pssttt.. i macam teringat satu kesahlah ttg i ngn u tym kt skOl rendah dOlu. nt i try tOk kOmpemkn balek eh. ;)

cik syahira said...

insya Allah.
it's forever..

eh which kisah yer?
well we are close friends right.
i love our pintas puding so much!

jujahxo. said...

yup! i rasa kita penah rapat suatu ketika dOlu. tym kte standard 3 & 4 kalO tak silap.

yesss! i lOve Our pintas puding sO much tOO!