thank you redglow


firstly, i would love to thank you to redglow's team. for your information the parcel is savely arrived at my home this evening..

* after waiting for a while, alhamdulillah.

i am so excited while doing this entry because i finally got this and it's really worth for a beginner like me.. might be some of you not so sure what are really happen but then i suggest you to read this and this before you go further. ehhehe..


still excited with my new parcel which content this:

basically it has 49 colors of eye shadows, blushers, lip colors, compact powders and 2 glitters which white and green.. later must looking for pink color T.T" and to be surprised it ONLY cost me RM 149 plus RM 13 for delivery charges.

well, this is using by a professional make up artist, redglow ladies. so if you interested, fill free to visit their web site. thank you so much red glow..

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

waahhh! banyaknyeee kaler!

ni ke yg u kate u shOpping barang makeup sampai ratus ratus ni??
u pakai ke sume ni??

Ohh i ada jugak bli barang makeup lepas tunang dOlu. skali beli makan 300 hengget! tp baru pakai dua tiga kali dah stOp terus. malas & rasa tak selesa.

emm nampak gayanya i memang tak dilahirkan tOk memakai barang barang makeup ni even sepalit gencu. OhOOO~! :)

cik syahira said...

hik hik..
have to use lah.
i've spend a lot ok for this.
just using the light colors only.
i am only the beginner.

another make up set will coming soon.

adenium said...

wahhhhh bestnya.... i like makeup makeup nih....

cik syahira said...

hi adenium.

yes, i know you.
hik hik..