i shop till almost drop


this is a quick post about my shopping items via online.. since i created a new public blog, i started blog hopping and supported my blogger babes' business <- what is the motif??! ok.. to be frank i am also bought some stuffs via online T.T"

* sorry sweetheart, this shopaholic hormones cant be controlled when i saw a lot of cute/fancy/cheap cheap/ yummy delicious items ^o.O^

as for me shopping via online is a new approaches which are fun and interesting besides it also might help you to promote you blogger babes' products. well, i've satisfied with all my shopping items and happy to do business with my blogger babes. <- this is a reason why i keep on buying stuffs online! ceh..

but somehow people must do some research before you buy via online and read/ understand the terms and conditions applied. if not, you might claimed that they cheated or what so ever! alhamdulillah.. i repeated order for some items i found interesting.. <- wahhh!! my sweetheart might angry with this statement.. ahhaha.


here are a few places which i shop and seriously love them so much:

cup cakes
make up
again make up set

ops.. i thought my entry this time are short and simple but then it become longer as usual. hhihihi.. happy shopping all!

Best regards,