pre-raya branded warehouse sale


hi babes.

first, i warned you that this is a super long entry for this week @.@" check this out!

dont miss another branded warehouse sale at stadium melawati shah alam, selangor! it's from 22 july (yes.. today) until 26 july 2009.. overall, there are up to 80% off.


and.. take a short tour with me. ngehh..ngeh..

i just wearing a simple dress and legging bought from ceera. thanks babe.. i love it! correction, the legging only i bought from her.. a dress come from kelantan. cheap cheap one. but nice.. small pic above, each customers will get a shopping bag and the great things are payment either with cash or credit card. luckily i dont have one. if not.. i swap.. swap and swap T.T" see, i bought something already..

then, you might like this.. there are a lot of cute cute items which very cheap cheap one.. here i shoot special to my blogger babes.. you're special for me. thanks a lot eh ^o.O^

for mummies and kiddos here are heaven come down to shah alam. let's shopping!! ahhaha.. it's cute. i like it so much and also cheap cheap one. come in..come in.

for those who love accessories you can find them with a good prices. let's check this out.. i do really love this pic now and forever *sigh.. i am within beautiful stuffs which 50% less. euwww..

ok. that's all for a sneak review for pre-raya branded warehouse sale. as for today which is the 1st day was not too many people yet. i guess on 25th onwards and weekends especially there's 1xx,xxx will ambush! huhu..

* hint: next entry i'll update my new items from branded warehouse sale.

Best regards,