i am looking for recipes


happy wednesday.

today i spend my time for browsing recipes. i guess this is my first time talking about cooking here. <- what is the motif??!

well, my sweetheart is on leave for a week. so i decided to cook for him before he go for training. hurm.. it's hard for us but due to his career he must attend the course. i am ok. will doing fine.. T.T"

ok.. let's continue browsing for prawns recipe.

why prawns?? i saw my blogger babes, misbehave was cooking prawns and suddenly i am craving for prawns.. hhuhu.. in fact, there's been a while i am not eating prawns.. hurm. so delicious..

* kreukk..kreukk. omg! i can hear my stomach.. sob..sob.

above menu are simple and delicious.. i like!

Best regards,


Kaiser said...

salammmm,,,, uihhh udang tu best buat celup tepung.....yumyumyum

cik syahira said...

thanks kaiser for that idea.
slrupppp.. ^o.O^

jujahxo. said...

alamak,, i rasa kalO masak sambal pastu letak petai lagilahhh sedap kOtt!

/kOmpem sampai menjilattt jariii!//