pinkinpink18 <-my nick name


hi babes. how do you do? ^o.O^ title above was my nick when i was 18.

ok today i love to continue my love story tales <- let's check this out 1st.

previously i mentioned that we met at the first time in our matriculation college, Kolej Mara Kulim Kedah. it was last 2003 (after spm/18 years old) .. almost 6 years ago ..

the story began when:

i am a physical science student.

during that time i was in Kelas K.
students were divided into alphabetical order A-N
(if i am not mistaken)

then from Kelas K, they divided us into different tutorial classes.
either K1, K2 or K3. i am K1 student <3

i participated college students to visit Thailand last 2004.
to be specific there are wataniah club and my friend invited me join them for a trip. psst.. i am not wataniah's

in addition..

i am also represented K1's to perform in annual year's celebration.
each classes represented as a country and K1 is Australia

to be surprised..

each event i mentioned above, my sweetheart also participated and we were in the same group. unfortunately i dont know him and he also dont know meT.T"


this is our 1st pic in Kolej Mara Kulim

when i saw this picture last time i just wondered that 'omg! omg! we have met before??! seriously.. i dont have any idea and thank god for this sweet memory.

* i believed that last time was not the best time for us to become a partner. that's why even we met but we didnt know each others..

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

tym kt dlm pict tu kan,, pOjan nampak cam nerd gils ek! haha.

muka budak budak! ;p

cik syahira said...

hik hik.. yup. he is.. memories remain forever..