a must for new bloggers


i admit i like to change my layout! i thought every ones like to try for a new look instead of stay the same. while i am blog hopping, when i saw a new layout which fun/ fancy and girly i started to google for a new layout for my blog.

again and again i did until i am not so sure how many times i change it! especially when i found a new pretty pink layout.. within 24 hours might be you can see my layout changed for a few times. *sigh T.T" uhhhuhuh.

then i just wonder why not i shared this few web site which provide you for a free fun/fancy/girly layouts. i recommend this because i am already used their layouts and 100% satisfied with them..

i experienced for a few times which i saw they provide of cause free layout but then it's not really works or fix to your interest. well, i am a choosy person ^o.O^ so i hope this few web site might help you especially a new blogger to find your best layout to your blog.

Deluxe Templates
many more

ok. that's all for a new tutorial class today. see you soon. dont forget to make some changes in your blog in order to look fresh and interesting. wink..wink.

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adenium said...

loorrrr...nak gak tukar ..tapi ndak ada masa lah...