i need more calcium!


happy monday all! i hope you guys have a great weekend..

hey, i would like to ask if anybody had this problem before:

recently when i take a walk which about 1/2 an hour, i felt hurt at my back. at first i guess it's nothing but when it already happen almost every single time i take a walk so something goes wrong.

the story began when last friday i went to Jj Bukit Tinggi and spend about 3 hours there looking for some gifts for my friends. after a short period of walking, i felt hurt at my back but then i just ignored.

then it's ok, i just continued my window shopping.. few minutes later, it's hurt again and again until i cant stand for it, i pretend to look something at the bottom rack. the reason is i need to rest and it's feel better when i turn down my body.

ouh my god! it's serious ok. i have never been like this before.. previously i dont have any problem to go for window shopping or take a long walking period almost like one day at shopping mall.

but now not even 3 hours ++ i felt like very hurt at my back until feel like want to lying down. perhaps, i guess i need more calcium. hurm.. because i am not sure when is my last time had my milk T.T"

* last night i have 2 glass of milks.

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

uhh?? nape macam nampak teruk sangat ni?? trylah pegi check dOc.

cik syahira said...

i am allergies lah meeting with doc!

jujahxo. said...

elergic?? why? u takut dOc??