i have a berry too


if.. i have this berry, what a lucky girl am i right? ehhehe.

unfortunately, this is not a berry which i mentioned ok.

yesterday, i went to jj bukit tinggi for therapy session which mean, a window shopping. since few days back i am craving for ice creams, cheese cakes and juices so i went to secret recipe to have a great choices of cheese cakes.

it's a double happiness! ahhaha ^o.O^

finally, here is my berry.. so yummy and delicious. i like. i like.. oh i have this with a watermelon juice.. ahhhh. marvelous you~

* end up with, i left a few piece of chessy berry. hhuhu.

* psst.. yeah, i am a lone ranger..

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

yeahh. cheesecake ni memang sedap! bila masuk mulut, terus cair!
Ohh yummmyyyyy!! ;)

satu lagi watermelOn dia memang Ori kan!