awww.. so sweet!


good morning babes.

* thanks god it's friday. hhuhuh..

well, today i like to share with you what i've found last week.

picture above was in stadium malawati shah alam when there having a pre-raya branded warehouse sale. i am really admired with this cute gown. since i dont have any younger sisters/ nieces <- what is the motif lol! hehe.. so i asked my housemate to shoot this picture. wink..wink.

one day..

when i am blog hopping, suddenly i found a cute girl wearing such a same pinky gown like in my picture. wahhhh.. see.. she's really cute, double awesome.. i like! i like! i am sorry, i forgot to save her mom's url. uhhuhu..

* hello.. hello who's your mother, sweety? serious oh.. i admired her gown.

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

Ohhh cutenyaaaa! ;)

cik syahira said...

strongly agree..