does an alien stole my cp??!


this weekend is my BEST BUDDY's WEDDING, noa. sabil and i are two buddies among three who are still single BUT taken already. ahhaha. <-- what is the motif??!

actually, we are promising to come earlier to join noa prepare for her BIG day.. noa's big day will be arrange at her hometown in kuala lipis on 07/06/2009. ouh.. this is my first time traveling to kuala lipis. more pictures! more pictures! will update SOON!

BUT then while i am packing for my stuffs to bring along to kuala lipis, i just REALIZED that i forgot where i put my cp.. cp is a short form for compact powder. damn.. how come?! or else does an alien stole my compact powder?! arghh.. stop dreaming!!

until now, while i am auto publishing this entry i couldnt find my compact powder. ouh.. that was VERY useful for that big day (T.T")

Best regards,