as'kum and good evening to all. this entry, i would like to share about a few pictures of meow meows.. firstly, some of you might be don't know that instead i am a shopaholic as my friends said, i am also a cat lover! when i was young, the age of standard school 'lah' actually, we have pets (cats)!! unfortunately when we moved to a new house, my cats lost their track.. so sad 'yer' =( started from that day, we decided to do not have pets anymore due to the lost of all my pets. there's nothing that can took place of my previous cats. hurm.. ok finish for the sad intro~ so let's take a look pictures of meow meows~

i found this fatty cat in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan when i have a meeting last few months.

i like this picture very much.. i found this black n white cat last 2 years in my hometown. during i have 'lepak-lepak' with my friends, i saw this cute cate!

upss.. sorry~

we're happy family~

Zzzzz.. Zzzzzzz...