hellooooo.. i'm back! not sleeping yet, hihihihi.. i'm waiting for my sweetheart 'lah'. upss.. he's the 2nd reason, the main thing is i'm not sleepy~ since shila had her 'sahur' i thought, so she accompany me to watch tv. ok.. this entry was about my best buddies while we're in Pd, 2007. from left is noa, sabil and the author with green mode~ we had our best times together. dear best buddies, thank you very much because you are always here with me when ever i need you (cewah!!) but, it's true ok.

ok.. one more pictures of sabil and noa, my best buddies.. psssttt.. both of them are taken 'yer'.. hihihi..


Sooo sweet smile exclusively from the author to you, readers. hurm.. please ignored my black circles at my eyes, this picture taken right after we had our final final final semester, Bachelor of Technology Management (Construction) at Uthm.