well.. i'm doing fine if he's very busy.i thank to Ya Allah to give me this strengths to go through everything w/out him (because he can't always be here when i wish for).. but it's ok. i'll always remember his advise and i believes that he wants me to be an independent lady .. when he's not here, i should do everything likes going shopping alone sometimes, had my dinner at home, no watching cinemas, no dating-dating and etc. hihihihihihi.. well.. that's what others did am i right? but being like me, i should really understand him almost every seconds. he's very commited with his career..for him, his career is no.1 and i falls to no.2 ..it's not a big deal, ok.. as long as he loves me!!so as today, when he's very busy doing his works and i guess he is maybe in his office or else has discussion with his officer, i do stay at home, online, cooking for my lunch, study, doing some research, updating my blogs and 'layan' tv.. there's no sms-sms or calling-calling while he's doing his job. this moment we're very busy with our life's and careers, so let it be what ever it is. i wish to end the busy life soon.. hihi..