as'kum.. hi good morning all. i hope you start your day with happy faces, ok.. so, do smile when you see above pic. hihi.. not much to contribute to this entry but i would like to share about my sleeping mode last night. since my assignments was not finish yet, i decided to sleep at the main hall with my lappy. psstt.. i thought i just want to take a short nap (few hours only).. but then i slept over until my alarm shouting at 6.15 am. huhu.. know what, i slept with my 'gemuk' w/out my pink 'selimut'.. sob.. sob.. sooo soo.. very cold ok! because early in the morning shah alam was rainy.. nge.. but then, i'm glad that i can wake up early and straight away went for bath. unlike if i sleep at my room, i might sleep and continue sleeping until 09.00 or 10.00 am. hahaha!! the leason learn is i think to encourage i wake up early every morning, i should not switch off light and sleep w/out my pink 'selimut'?? huhu.. damn i can't!