syahira and fauzan

hello.. hello.. this entry is about syahira and fauzan, definitely about us. this picture was taken on 2004, the 1st time i met him, my sweetheart. the story began with we are in the same college, class, groups and trip since 2003 but we never knows each other. during the picture was taken, yet it was our first met that i realize he is fauzan. but he don't know my name until we met again almost 3 years later. what a small world is it? but Alhamdulillah.. finally we met again. we believed that at the time we met on 2003 it was not the perfect time to us. now was the right time and we hope that we will makes our life greater than before. extra credit to my best friends Jan and Nard because they also are in this picture and my sweetheart's friends also called Jan. but.. since this entry is about us, so i del your pictures. hihi.. sorry again!