my 'mengidam'

what a surprise entry for this evening?? ehhehehe.. for couple of weeks of waiting, finally i got my durian. the story began with i mentioned to sweetheart that i want to eat durian. i tought now was the durian season because each time went i step in to Jj i can smell them and makes me wish at least one time i can get it from him. but.. yeah.. since both of us love durian yet can't stand the smelling. of cause he don't want to buy the durian for me. huhu.. at last my auntie and i went to Jj and get 3 packets for RM10. just 'mengidam' so i don't eat much lor.. dear sweetheart, there's no more shout out for durian ok. hihi.. psst the pic above only display from google. i forgot to shoot pictures with durian. la la la.. thank you..