the map

from kl i went to siem reap by air asia. straight away check in to hotel and had breakfast. then went to angkor wat to visit temples. the weather is HOT and i'm not really like it but i enjoy every time i visit the temple. since there located in the middle of the jungle, i love all scenes and the weather is much more better. at night, we went to night market. the people are friendly and i saw a group of men playing music instruments, pity them because they don't have legs or maybe hands(o.k.u) i guess maybe they are war victims during World War II. ok..the next day, visited seam riep airport. one thing that i may not forget is a long journey from seam riep to phnom penh by bus. almost 6 hours journey with very poor condition of road compared to malaysia. cambodia today is like malaysia in year 1970's and do appreciate that we live in malaysia with full of good accomodations and infrastrudtures. so the driver can't speed more for the reason of poor road conditions and worried of any animals like cows and pigs cross the road. psstt.. i saw a 'comot-comot' pig along the road. huhuhuhu.. along the way to the capital city, phnom penh i reached tonle sap lake. 1st i tought it was an ocean hihihihi.. it's huggggeeeeeeee.. and i reached the capital city at night, took my dinner and went to zzzz.. the next day i went to killing field visit skulls and bones. huhu.. it's all about pol pot the cruel man and his armies. after that went to russian market for shopping.. at the evening, ride boat at mekong river. hurm.. i feel like in muar, tanjung mas also have the same attraction. overall i'm not really like the russion market. i do prefer central market near my hotel. at the last day i went to central market and bought a lot of thins there from silk to small-small tokens to my friends and family.