the flag

hi this entry just an introduction for my trip to cambodia. the picture above is the flag of cambodia. as you can see, there is the Angkor wat. one of the historical buildings in cambodia. basically majority of cambodian is Buddhist and you will found a lot of temples, almost 420,000 .. just a few % is Muslim (maybe 2% or 3%) .. the currency is riel but the cambodian itself do prefer USD. hurm.. when i went for shopping they will great me nicely .. madam.. madam.. buy madam.. 10 Dollar only madam. cheap.. cheap.. madam.. no profit madam ehhehehe.. psstt.. 10 Dollar is RM37/- ok. do you think it's cheap? the rule of shopping is you have to bargain until 30% to 50% for all items and it also depends on how good your skill on bargaining all of the price. hiihihi.. then, about the cambodian, there are very nice and friendly. they speak like Thais and almost they share some of the word. i think it's just like Malaysia and Indonesia.. the weather is VERY HOT especially in Seam reap but not in the capital city, Phnom Penh. in cambodia there have the biggest lake in asia (if i'm not mistaken) called, Tonle sap.