who is your top commentators?

June 24, 2010.


good morning blog.

everyday the 1st thing i view after log in to blogspot is looking for numbers of commentators.

since my blog just a simple english diary blog which most of the times have grammatical errors (ha ha), consist of random thoughts and craps...

however this is the place where by i experiences myself applying braces, living as a military gf and working in hectic conditions ever -___-"

so, yesterday i google a tutorial to create top commentators. basically, this is a summary of bloggers who dropping by comments in your blog. sounds great!

a tutorial of top commentators

1) click here to search the address.
2) in my case, i am selecting the option number 1 because ... comments are less than 500. in fact reaches 5 per day was such a beautiful day ever. ha ha.

3) fill the top commentators widget creators form.

widget title: they read and write <- depends on you. blog url: syahirasyahira.blogspot.com <- your url not redmummy.com wink.
no. of top commentators: 10 <- still choices in your hand. filter your name: cik syahira <- important! refer to your profile name.
4) click add widget to my blog.
5) re-arrange the layout and ta daa..

i is happy. i is happy. i is happy. finally, i know who likes to drop comments in my blog. gracias!

p/s: ha ha ha. text me if you find any difficulties.
** credited to ayuthesun[dot]blogspot. her widget inspired me to share this. <- thanks kak lyn, you remind me about her. hiks..



Lyn Yusoff said...

i use same technique too..
tu pun dapat dr blog ayuthesun..
senang n simple..

Sherry said...

so nice I need to test this out