good morning babes. *still morning right? ^__^

today i am not in a good condition. i got stomachaches -__-" last night was too tired to stay up to schedule entry for today.. means, this is another live update from me.

straight to the point, this morning i would like to share one tutorial for you:


is not kind of flying fox but it is twittering via mozilla firefox.

usually when we're using twitter esp for newbies, of cause you need to log in here. yes, this is the 1st way i believe everyone knows.


have you ever know about how to log in w/out open the twitter window? maybe some of you babes know this but i love to share this too.

i swear, for mozilla firefox user it is very simple.


what you need is just install twitterfox! than it will show an echofon for twitter (formerly twitterfox).. simply add to firefox.

and finally your twitterfox icon will appear at the corner of your screen. see, it is super easy..

go try!

p/s: add me syahirafauzan on twitter. thank you o__O



Misbehave said...

tweet tweet! hehe i x de twitter la yang, entah bila nak wat =p