i mark his face!

July 06, 2010.


hi, blog.

hurm.. kids today are worrying me esp the rest under my supervision. yesterday i found:

1) 2 empty cups inside the dustbin during a lunch hour.

2) an empty cup one more time inside the dustbin during a dinner.

3) no manners boy i see clearly throw away a plate inside the same dustbin 5 minutes after incident number 2!

what will you say when you are dealing with this situations?

not even than that.. couple of months ago, i found:

1) few couples (of cause students) date inside my territory. i gave them last warning otherwise i wont talk much just snap their pics as a prove.

2) students steal foods. omg.. i dislike it very much. i swear, i never angry if they asked politely.

3) almost every day there are plates inside the dustbin -___-"


p/s: this afternoon i am looking for a boy who throw away a plate yesterday. seriously i know his face very well. because i did mark him.



syazana said...

wei,report r beb.BAgi pengajaran sket.Biadab tuh.

Liza said...

i can't agree with you more...kids nowadays are worrying, that include my kids as well