is fighting for justice

May 31, 2010.


omg, i dont know what sort of TEST lah this time! hurm.. you-know-who has playing dirty again. he has done so many things in front of me and at my back.

however, i stay calm in crisis like my sweetheart always remind me..

previously he managed his works like sh*t and affected my work station as well as my staffs yet i still patience.

last time he trespassed my work station without my permission and left sh*t in my office. i noticed something is lost.

then i complained in front of his colleague. who cares! <- i bet you his bloody stupid colleague will be his informer.

hard to forgive and forget 4 months of sh*t that he did just to TEST my patience. fine.. one day one time i should reveal to world why i hate you-know-who very much.

in fact, my staffs doesnt agree with him. no matter what either his attitude or his manner. my personal opinion is he doesnt enough knowledge yet to become a leader.


i found that his workers are comes and goes. it is hard to stay with a leader who is like him. lazy bumps and like to give command! sigh.

you-know-who is a loser. i will fighting for the justice. i am sorry boss. maybe yess maybe not you found a young leader like me who never give up.

being a leader in my work station is my responsibility to taking care others. therefore, as long as i am here i will ensure no body can left sh*t here!

i stand with facts. not sh*t like him.

p/s: if i am not working here anymore, let you-know-who bankrupts your business! who cares..



syazana said...

aku tak kan tenangkan kau atau suruh kau sabar,sebab aku yang bc je dah hati panas.macam haram jadah je manusia itu...siot je kan kalau aku ada kat situ mmg buku bertemu ruas. =p