ten important things to do

April 10, 2010.


happy birthday cik syahira. haih.. still cik, eh? when it gonna change to mdm? hu hu hu. *never mind.

i want to live my life fullest ever before the title change. therefore, i hope ten important things i have listed below could be done before i am going to the next phase. *coughs.

i am sorry i simply listed 1st and this are not according to the priority. when the time comes then i just trying to accomplish them before the due date, next APRIL 10, 2011. wink.

ha ha ha. here you are:

number one- traveling to oversea

omg! i never book any flight ticket yet this year. huhh. cant be like this. i shall browsing and booking for my cuti-cuti 2010. indonesia again? or singapore?? which one eh.

number two- buy slr

i want this so badly because the price is affordable for me but.. isk. my $$ currently needed to spend to something else lah. sob T_T never mind 365 days later i definitely hold this tight! ha ha ha.

number three- buy new hp, black berry

i am not sure either i want this or i need this. what ever it takes, later i must buy this. wink. in fact, when i read her post my desire to grab this cool gadget become greater.

number four- backpackers!

i wish i could do this with my sweetheart. it depends on him because lately he super busy bee. hu hu hu. damn cool, eh when we are backpacking for honeymoon! great idea.

number five- being engage.

i am counting days and insya Allah within couple of months ahead. *blushed. that is why i need more $$ for preparation and etc etc.

number six- marry my sweetheart.

365 days to go. wish us best of luck eh.

number seven- looking for better job.

for self satisfaction, enrich knowledge and experiences as well as gain more self skills. wow!! actually, for wise salary lah! wink.

number eight- complete my thesis! gosh.

no comment. the due date is APRIL 30, 2010. sigh.

number nine- reading more story books.

in order to improve my style of writing i must read more. the more i read the better it gonna be, right? however, i have to finish my harry potter collection 1st then start to read other collection like twilight. *coughs. even i know might be some of bloggers have done!

number ten- cut my hair. isk.

my last cut was on early 2008. just imagine now it grow longer ever and on 2010 i wish i could turn to boyish style. what did you say??

p/s: today i have spa exam. wish me best of luck! pity me, celebrate my birthday in exam hall. sigh.